Going to Divi-land!

I’ll be going to Divisoria sometime this week to buy some things I needed for baking. They said it’s much cheaper there than buying on the malls. Most important thing that I’m gonna buy are the chocolate bars that I badly need for making chocolate cupcakes or brownies. There’s also this other baking supply at Cubao called Chocolate Lovers that also sells chocolate bars but the place is so far away from us. So I opt to go to Divi since it’s much more convenient to me.

 I hope Divi has this in store for me :) or else my trip would just be a waste of time.

                                                                oven thermometer
                                                                          weighing scale

                                                                        egg tart tins

baking pans

chocolate bars

piping tips

Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 2012

So I attended the Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo at SMX convention Center at SM Mall of Asia with my daughter yesterday and we had a blast! We got there at around 9:30AM and there were already throngs of people lining up at the entrance. I quickly noticed the biggest piping bag I’ve ever seen at the entrance..haha. Anyway, I didn’t expected that there were only a few booths inside coz I really wished they had more. The exhibitor’s booths are Gourdo’s, Ferna, Avoset(whipped cream company) and there’s this one that sells creams and milks, sorry I forgot the name.

However we did enjoy some activities there like decorate your own paper cupcake, for only 20pesos you can craft your own paper cupcake, the proceeds will then go to Goldilocks Foundation FEED Program. Then there’s DYC(Decorate Your Cake), which for 60 pesos you can create your own design. Basically they will ask if you want a blue or pink icing, I chose pink and they gave me a plain round mamon, a pink icing on a plastic that shaped like a piping bag(without a tip) and a prototype of what your cake should look like in the end. After that they gave us a box so we could store our cake there.

There’s also a Cake Deco Wall where we would color the different cupcakes and cakes. Different colors represent a certain number so we chose a light blue pentel pen that represents number 8 and we colored some 8’s on the wall. We returned later in the afternoon to see the finished wall and it was really cute!

Lastly, I attended the Avoset Whipped Cream Workshop where some chefs demonstrated how to use a whipped cream on cakes and cupcakes. Then we were given one small cupcake each to decorate a whipped cream topping. Hannah helped me put some powdered coloring on the whipped cream and the chef took noticed of it and says how cute Hannah is.

We were so tired going home but all was worth it since we got to take some freebies and 2 cupcakes! But the bonding time that I and Hannah get to experience was still the most important thing.

that's one huge piping bag!

Goldilocks birthday cakes

me and hannah

cupcake with whipped cream(hannah sprayed those purple-ish color on the whipped cream!)

our DYC mamon

the paper cupcake that we crafted

paper cupcakes on a cupcake stand

hannah coloring on the cake deco wall

finished cake deco wall!

Goldilocks freebies which included cupcake boxes, cake toppers, Dingdong Dantes cd(haha!), chocolate drink and cheese spread...

Coconut Macaroons

So I did coconut macaroons earlier this morning and though we loved the outcome I just got so tired from doing batches of the macaroons since my oven is small and I only have 10 macaroon tins that I bought from the baking supplies store. I really wished I bought more coz it's so tasking on removing the macaroons from the tin and replacing a new one. All in all I made 45 pieces so ok goodluck on our electricity bill..haha!

Anyway, from the recipe that I followed I only did half of it because of my small oven. Fortunately I only did half of the recipe coz I already produced 45 so what more if I did the full recipe! There was one batch that was completely toasted on top(coz I forgot to check on it halfway through the baking process) but my tasters still ate it coz it was so good(according to them)! So here's the outcome of my macaroons, I really liked it, it was really delicious!

recipe from: Panlasang Pinoy

Homemade Pancakes for Breakfast

I made pancakes from scratch for our breakfast and the kids loved it! I got the recipe from browsing the net and looked for the easiest recipe to follow. Glad that I had all the ingredients on hand so I just prepared it and made it quickly so the kids can take their breakfast. Well what can I say, Adriel, Dana and Hannah loved it so much that they want me to make another rounds of pancakes! Will definitely make some tomorrow for our breakfast since I still have some leftover batter in the fridge.
recipe from: AllRecipes.Com

Free Pass for Goldilocks Cake Expo

So I got a free pass to attend the Goldilocks sponsored Cake Deco Expo this Sunday, Feb.26, 2012 at SMX Convention Center MOA. I am so excited! I really don't know what would be the program, but I'm thinking there would be workshops about cake & cupcake decorating, different suppliers would surely be there and I imagine there would be freebies.. yey hope so! The invite said there would be all-day hands-on workshop so I 'm expecting I would learn a lot from this Expo. Would post how the day turned out after I attended it...

Vanilla Cupcakes

So I did a dozen of vanilla cupcakes last Sunday and though it didn’t turn out great, my tasters said that my cupcake was yummy but the frosting was too sweet! I too found it too sweet that just a touch of it on my mouth, my tooth already hurts! Well the next time I do another frosting, I’ll just lessen the powdered sugar and make a taste test before applying it on my cupcakes...

So take a look at my cupcakes! Funny how it turned out coz I didn't scooped the batter evenly on the cupcake holders :) I also should've put the frostng first on the fridge to cool a little coz they did melt so easily. Oh well, novice mistakes that can happen anytime. I promised myself to make another batch of cupcakes that's so much better than this one. Watch out for it!

recipe from: Joy Of Baking

Cookies & Cream Brownies

This my personal blog about my adventures and misadventures of baking. You see this is my passion for the longest time but I just couldn’t start doing it because of the sole reason of not having an oven. So if I don’t have an oven, obviously I couldn’t bake! But a year ago, I enrolled on a baking class for 3 months and that made me so happy that I was able to start my passion already. After the baking class, I couldn’t apply the things I ‘ve learned there because still I don’t have an oven! Hay… so I just contented myself on reading baking tips on the internet and jotting down the things I know would help me by the time I start to bake on my own.

Finally, just last week I bought an oven for myself! Now I can breathe a sigh of relief  my oven is nothing fancy, just a mini oven enough for my baking experiments since I’m only starting to bake on my own. Since I was so excited to use it, I bought a ready made brownie mix from Betty Crocker with matching vanilla frosting. My reason for buying it was because I just want to test my oven and I don’t want to exhaust myself on preparing and mixing every ingredient that wont turn out well. Lucky for me, my family loved the brownies! Not too perfect but enough for simple people like us.

Now I’m getting to like my oven a lot! I hope you’ll join me on my baking adventures(and some cooking), I ‘ll just post every project I’ll make, successful or not. Thanks for dropping by and don’t hesitate to give comments, just no violent reactions please? Have a nice day!


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