Coconut Macaroons

So I did coconut macaroons earlier this morning and though we loved the outcome I just got so tired from doing batches of the macaroons since my oven is small and I only have 10 macaroon tins that I bought from the baking supplies store. I really wished I bought more coz it's so tasking on removing the macaroons from the tin and replacing a new one. All in all I made 45 pieces so ok goodluck on our electricity bill..haha!

Anyway, from the recipe that I followed I only did half of it because of my small oven. Fortunately I only did half of the recipe coz I already produced 45 so what more if I did the full recipe! There was one batch that was completely toasted on top(coz I forgot to check on it halfway through the baking process) but my tasters still ate it coz it was so good(according to them)! So here's the outcome of my macaroons, I really liked it, it was really delicious!

recipe from: Panlasang Pinoy


anne said...

Hahaha I have a small oven , too and it can bake a mean cheesecake ;D Your macaroons looks yummy ! I bet it taste better than the ones from Goldilock's hahaha

Cecil D. said...

thanks a lot for the comment! i always read your blog and would like to try some of your recipes coz it all looks so yummy!


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