Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 2012

So I attended the Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo at SMX convention Center at SM Mall of Asia with my daughter yesterday and we had a blast! We got there at around 9:30AM and there were already throngs of people lining up at the entrance. I quickly noticed the biggest piping bag I’ve ever seen at the entrance..haha. Anyway, I didn’t expected that there were only a few booths inside coz I really wished they had more. The exhibitor’s booths are Gourdo’s, Ferna, Avoset(whipped cream company) and there’s this one that sells creams and milks, sorry I forgot the name.

However we did enjoy some activities there like decorate your own paper cupcake, for only 20pesos you can craft your own paper cupcake, the proceeds will then go to Goldilocks Foundation FEED Program. Then there’s DYC(Decorate Your Cake), which for 60 pesos you can create your own design. Basically they will ask if you want a blue or pink icing, I chose pink and they gave me a plain round mamon, a pink icing on a plastic that shaped like a piping bag(without a tip) and a prototype of what your cake should look like in the end. After that they gave us a box so we could store our cake there.

There’s also a Cake Deco Wall where we would color the different cupcakes and cakes. Different colors represent a certain number so we chose a light blue pentel pen that represents number 8 and we colored some 8’s on the wall. We returned later in the afternoon to see the finished wall and it was really cute!

Lastly, I attended the Avoset Whipped Cream Workshop where some chefs demonstrated how to use a whipped cream on cakes and cupcakes. Then we were given one small cupcake each to decorate a whipped cream topping. Hannah helped me put some powdered coloring on the whipped cream and the chef took noticed of it and says how cute Hannah is.

We were so tired going home but all was worth it since we got to take some freebies and 2 cupcakes! But the bonding time that I and Hannah get to experience was still the most important thing.

that's one huge piping bag!

Goldilocks birthday cakes

me and hannah

cupcake with whipped cream(hannah sprayed those purple-ish color on the whipped cream!)

our DYC mamon

the paper cupcake that we crafted

paper cupcakes on a cupcake stand

hannah coloring on the cake deco wall

finished cake deco wall!

Goldilocks freebies which included cupcake boxes, cake toppers, Dingdong Dantes cd(haha!), chocolate drink and cheese spread...


cusinera said...

Hello gorgeous! Wow...what a event, wish we have this kind of expos here in Brisbane, it looks exciting=) My kids would go crazy doing all those activities..


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