Vanilla Cupcakes

So I did a dozen of vanilla cupcakes last Sunday and though it didn’t turn out great, my tasters said that my cupcake was yummy but the frosting was too sweet! I too found it too sweet that just a touch of it on my mouth, my tooth already hurts! Well the next time I do another frosting, I’ll just lessen the powdered sugar and make a taste test before applying it on my cupcakes...

So take a look at my cupcakes! Funny how it turned out coz I didn't scooped the batter evenly on the cupcake holders :) I also should've put the frostng first on the fridge to cool a little coz they did melt so easily. Oh well, novice mistakes that can happen anytime. I promised myself to make another batch of cupcakes that's so much better than this one. Watch out for it!

recipe from: Joy Of Baking



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