Brownies Part II

Yesterday, I did my very first brownies. I said first eventhough I did brownies before(you can refer to my very first post “Cookies and Cream Brownies) because I did not used ready mixed this time. I got the recipe from Laura In the Kitchen site for Fudge Brownies. I copied everything in the recipe but I don’t know want went wrong coz my brownies ended up to be not fudgy at all!

Maybe because I overmixed(as always!) the batter or that I underbaked it, I don’t know. But it ended up too sticky on the inside. The outside part was perfect but the inside was not. Hay… I am so disappointed. But the good news is, eventhough I am not completely happy with the result, my family(my tasters as I call them) still ate it and said that it was good. Maybe they’re just hungry or did not want to hurt my feelings… haha!

I promised myself that the next time I do brownies, it would be really delicious and fudgy already! But I am not making brownies anytime soon. I think I’ll stay away with anything chocolate for the meantime and try other much easier recipes.



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