Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another first for me on baking chocolate chip cookies courtesy of my mini oven. I expected it to be crunchier and thick but it turned out to be chewy and thin. As always, too sweet for my taste but maybe because I used the regular choco chips instead of semi-sweet chocolates that I see more often on recipes for choco chip cookies. I still have yet to buy semi-sweet chocolates but for sure that would be one of the first things I will buy the next time I go to Divi.

I baked this cookies on a Saturday night and spent almost 3 hours finishing baking all the cookies! My daughter Hannah never left my side and one of the first ones who gets to sample the cookies besides my sister and my cousin. She just took a small bite and that was it! She loves chewing the chocolate chips more than the cookies itself :)

Recipe from : Panlasang Pinoy

this is my daughter Hannah!


Bechay said...

wow, looks yummy!

Sis if you have time please follow my other blog I did not notice that there was no "follow" link until yesterday when I checked it why there was no follower. You can be it's first follower :) Thanks in advance sis...

anne said...

It looks delicious ! I love chewy and thin cookies hahaha Hannah sure looks very happy with those ;D Because we have a very hot weather there , try to refrigerate you cookie dough an hour or so before baking or if you want a thicker cookies try adding more flour ;D

Lisa said...

Hi Cecil!

Nice blog you have here. I just followed you. Hope to see you again in my blog.

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