Divi Trip

I went to Divisoria yesterday, particularly at Sto. Cristo street, and went on to buy a couple of baking necessities I will use when I bake. First thing I bought on one store was 2 loaf pans, 8” 1 round pan, a couple of macaroon and egg tart tins and an ice cream scoop. Then after a few walks, I came across another baking supplies store and bought cocoa powder, 2 different kinds of sprinkles, chocolate chips(this is a wrong decision on my part since the chips melted on my way home due to the intense warm weather yesterday), oven thermometer and cupcake holders.

It was so hot yesterday that eventhough I still wanted to navigate Divi to look for the other things I need, I already gave up. For one, my chocolate chips had already started to melt and didn’t I told you that my daughter Hannah was with me? Yes she was with me at Divisoria and she was already tired of walking and wanted me to carry her which obviously was very hard for me since I am carrying two big plastic bags plus my bag and now, her. but it was ok because the baking supplies stores were just beside each other so I was not able to walk very far.

Anyway, the one thing that I really wanted to buy but was not able to do so because all of the stores I asked  don’t have one, was the unsweetened and semisweet chocolates or even bittersweet chocolates! Apparently,even one baking supplies store at Divi don’t sell baking chocolates! So I guess I really have to go to Chocolate Lovers next time eventhough it was very far from us. I have no choice I really needed those for my baking.

But except for the unsweetened chocolate(for the frosting), which I’ll make do with my melted choco chips, I am all set for the chocolate cupcakes I’m gonna bake for my niece’s birthday! So excited! Wish me luck on my choco cupcakes!


Maria Cullano said...

Hi there! I just came across your blog. I noticed that you ordered items from Amazon. Do you know Love2bake in BF Homes Paranaque? They have all the items you needed for baking and you can also order online. Check their Facebook page. Regarding chocolate bars they also have it, different brands. I'm the owner of RC cakes, my Facebook page. Thanks and happy baking!!!


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