Chocolate Cupcakes & Cake

It was my niece's 3rd birthday celebration last March 6 and I promised to bake her a chocolate cake and cupcakes on her birthday so I actually did after I got home from work. I was so tired doing both the cake and the cupcakes but it was all worth it! The cupcakes were brought to her school in the morning when she celebrated her birthday with her classmates, while the cake was for our family only.

I got the cupcakes recipe from Joy of Baking site while the chocolate cake was a ready made mix from Betty Crocker, it was the Super Moist Chocolate Cake flavor and I also got the Rich and Creamy Chocolate Frosting also from Betty Crocker. Both are absolutely delicious! I think my choco cupcakes were more successful than the vanilla cupcakes I made two weeks ago. You should also try the Super Moist Chocolate Cake from Betty Crocker if you don't want to make a chocolate cake from scratch. I really loved it!

                                                        with Hello Kitty cupcake topper

                                                             Chocolate Cake I baked!

The Birthday girl Dana, my niece...



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