“Mix In The Pan” Chocolate Cake

Remember what I posted about not making something with any chocolate in it anytime soon after making brownies? Well yeah, I did not followed my own advice coz I did made crinkles again last Thursday and I just made a chocolate cake earlier this afternoon! I just couldn't resist this very simple recipe that I couldn't take it off my mind that I said I just have to do it!

 So I am very pleased to tell you that the chocolate cake I just did was a success! Take note that this is the first time I made chocolate cake from scratch coz what I did before was a ready mix from Betty Crocker. I am very pleased with the outcome that I would be doing this again and I am also very grateful to find the site for this wonderful chocolate cake recipe! If you would like to try this recipe, here's the link- “Mix In The Pan” Chocolate Cake.

 What I did was not exactly as the title because I did mixed the ingredients on a mixing bowl then transferred it on my 8x8 non-stick baking pan. I just got worried that I wouldn't be able to mix it thoroughly with just a little space but if you want to do it straight to the baking pan, it's really ok because that's what the instruction says and the title too..duh :)I used the left over frosting that I had from Betty Crocker, and it tasted so good!


anne said...

Looks good and yummilicious ! ;D


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