No Bake Cheesecake

I did my very first No Bake Cheesecake last Friday night and I used Magnolia cream cheese and Anchor whip cream as two of my ingredients. I copied the recipe from Joy of Baking site because it’s recipes are one of the easiest to follow. I just made a mistake of over-whipping the cream so instead of a soft peak I ended up with a stiff peak result! My cheesecake result was delicious except that it came out soft and my graham base also did not hold much, it just came crumbling when I took out the cheesecake from the pan. I also had a small pan, so the excess batter was put on a plastic container. By the way, my cheesecake was a hit to my family! They loved it… well when was the time they did not like what I did? :)
                                                                          my cheesecake!
excess cheesecake on a plastic container :)


anne said...

That looks yummy ! And who can say no to cheesecake anyway ?!! ;D


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