Carrot Cupcakes

My mother asked me to bake something today since it is my dayoff and I've been wanting to bake a carrot cake for the longest time but I don't have the necessary pan for the cake so I opted to bake the cupcake version instead. So while my mother was gone to run an errand, I started baking the cupcakes.

The recipe was so easy to follow! I just tweaked a little on some of the ingredients like for the oil I used vegetable coz that's all I have, I also did not used apple, walnuts or raisins instead I just used cashew nuts.

For the frosting, I just did not understand why I yielded more than the amount necessary for the cupcakes! I followed exactly the ingredients and the instructions but I was able to use only half of it. Now I don't know where will I be able to use the excess frosting(I think I was able to use half of the frosting). I just put it on the ref, still thinking of what to bake for me to use it.

I yielded a total of 23 cupcakes about 7 of which I did not put a frosting so that my mom would get a taste of it(she's diabetic) and she loved it! I think I'll just lessen the frosting so there won't be any excess next time.

I got the recipe here- Joy Of Baking

Butterscotch Bars

I baked butterscotch bars last week(Saturday) and I had hoped I put nuts on my bars to give it more crunch coz it really tasted good! So in the end, it was just plain butterscotch bars, it even cracked halfway in the middle when I removed it from the baking pan. Well, anyway after cutting it unevenly, I gave the bars to my tasters and they loved it! I saved some and put it in a plasticware so we could have something to eat when we arrived in Singapore. Yes, I baked that afternoon and our flight was in the evening. So my butterscotch bars even went as far as Singapore and the remaining bars were eaten and finished off there by me and my companions...

You can get the recipe at A Mother's Home Journal

Banana Loaf Bread....Again???

Because my family, especially my mother loved the banana bread I baked just last Sunday, I baked another one 2 days ago this time using 2 medium sized loaf pans that I have. Baking time was shorter, it was done in 40 minutes and the smell was still awesome! I honestly believe this is one of my favorites and that I think I have to print another copy of the recipe coz mine has been crumpled already due to frequent use :)
                                          bought this silicon bakeware holder for only P66!

Banana Loaf Bread

I was looking for a banana loaf bread recipe on the internet, of course I found so many recipes but this one really caught my eye and curiosity because of all the recipes that I found, this one has a mayonnaise in it! Yes you read it right, a mayonnaise. It also helped that the picture of the bread on the site looks really yummy and instructions were really easy,  so I went to the nearest grocery store and bought a 9x5 loaf pan, bananas and mayonnaise and after I immediately went home and I started baking.

I stayed true to the recipe, from the measurements to the instructions even the size of the loaf pan, thus the reason why I have to run to the grocery store. The only thing that I did not followed was the baking time. The recipe said that you have to bake it for 1 hour but mine was done in about 45minutes, I just took it out on the oven after 50minutes. The smell was so good! My family all smelled how wonderful the banana bread was and they grew impatient after I told them that it still needs to cool off for another hour. But they still waited for it eventhough it was about 9PM after I first sliced the bread. Loved it so much! Will be making another one soon!

banana,mayo,egg mixture

dry ingredients mixture

the batter

ready to get baked!


half eaten :)

Check the Recipe here: Banana Bread

Egg Tarts

I made egg tarts last Monday, just fitting for the Easter Sunday although I made them the day after Easter. I got the recipe on youtube which was made by a Chinese woman. She revised her original recipe(titled Hong Kong Egg Tart) to this recipe so I followed the revised one.

I loved the taste of the pastry! Even my mother took notice how flavorful the pastry was. I cannot say so with the egg custard filling because it just tasted well.. eggy, you know like scrambled egg. It was also bland and really lacks on flavor, or maybe I just did something wrong when I did it. Maybe next time I’m gonna try a different recipe for the custard but will definitely stick with the pastry recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Part II

Made Chocolate Chip Cookies once again last Good Friday for the family because I don't have much to do that day and I thought that I have to redeem myself from the last one that I did which was an epic fail...haha!!! Anyway I have a different recipe printed for the cookie and I got it from Baking Bites. From the moment I mixed the batter I know that this would be good. This is so much better than the last one!

 The cookies were really good as the recipe says! I only made half of the recipe coz I only have a small oven and baking the whole recipe would take about more than an hour to finish and I can't do that coz my mother would surely get mad because of the electricity :) Anyway, the next time I would do choco chip cookies again, I would lessen the sugar and will use a salted butter so I won't add salt anymore, it's just too sweet and salty for my taste.

Mamon (Filipino Sponge Cake)

This is the first time that I did mamon and I was pretty happy with the outcome! My family said that it was the best baked goodie that I did and I said..really? What about the cakes, the cupcakes, etc?? They said that those were also good but this is the best of all. Well, ok, I myself liked it a lot too and I promised myself that I would do it again with some changes like adding lemon and orange extract next time and sprinkling cheese on top.

I got the recipe from Sweet Cherrie Pie. The result was a fluffy, just enough sweetness and very "malaman" sponge cake! Yummy! Everybody loved it! It was so good, you must try it for yourself!(By the way, I just tweaked a little from her recipe, instead of self-raising flour, I used cake flour, coz I don't have SRF then I also added 1tsp lemon juice on her recipe then added it together with the vanilla and vegetable oil).


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