Banana Loaf Bread....Again???

Because my family, especially my mother loved the banana bread I baked just last Sunday, I baked another one 2 days ago this time using 2 medium sized loaf pans that I have. Baking time was shorter, it was done in 40 minutes and the smell was still awesome! I honestly believe this is one of my favorites and that I think I have to print another copy of the recipe coz mine has been crumpled already due to frequent use :)
                                          bought this silicon bakeware holder for only P66!


Bechay said...

I was planning to bake banana bread today but I haven't find the clippings of the recipe yet, tinamad maghanap, hehehe! I want to try tht recipe because it is owned by a celebrity, forgot the name :)

Bechay said...

I forgot to mention, I might want totry the recipe you have found online sis :)

anne said...

Why not ?! I bet it tastes yummy as it look ! ;D


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