Butterscotch Bars

I baked butterscotch bars last week(Saturday) and I had hoped I put nuts on my bars to give it more crunch coz it really tasted good! So in the end, it was just plain butterscotch bars, it even cracked halfway in the middle when I removed it from the baking pan. Well, anyway after cutting it unevenly, I gave the bars to my tasters and they loved it! I saved some and put it in a plasticware so we could have something to eat when we arrived in Singapore. Yes, I baked that afternoon and our flight was in the evening. So my butterscotch bars even went as far as Singapore and the remaining bars were eaten and finished off there by me and my companions...

You can get the recipe at A Mother's Home Journal


anne said...

These butterscotch are very lucky ! Travelling all the way to Singapore ?! hahahaha Even without nuts I'm sure it tastes yummy !


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