Carrot Cupcakes

My mother asked me to bake something today since it is my dayoff and I've been wanting to bake a carrot cake for the longest time but I don't have the necessary pan for the cake so I opted to bake the cupcake version instead. So while my mother was gone to run an errand, I started baking the cupcakes.

The recipe was so easy to follow! I just tweaked a little on some of the ingredients like for the oil I used vegetable coz that's all I have, I also did not used apple, walnuts or raisins instead I just used cashew nuts.

For the frosting, I just did not understand why I yielded more than the amount necessary for the cupcakes! I followed exactly the ingredients and the instructions but I was able to use only half of it. Now I don't know where will I be able to use the excess frosting(I think I was able to use half of the frosting). I just put it on the ref, still thinking of what to bake for me to use it.

I yielded a total of 23 cupcakes about 7 of which I did not put a frosting so that my mom would get a taste of it(she's diabetic) and she loved it! I think I'll just lessen the frosting so there won't be any excess next time.

I got the recipe here- Joy Of Baking


Bechay said...

Wow! You know what sis, I just printed out a carrot cake recipe because like you, I've been planning to bake one too since the day I discovered baking, hehehe! I might try the recipe that you used :)

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