Chocolate Chip Cookies Part II

Made Chocolate Chip Cookies once again last Good Friday for the family because I don't have much to do that day and I thought that I have to redeem myself from the last one that I did which was an epic fail...haha!!! Anyway I have a different recipe printed for the cookie and I got it from Baking Bites. From the moment I mixed the batter I know that this would be good. This is so much better than the last one!

 The cookies were really good as the recipe says! I only made half of the recipe coz I only have a small oven and baking the whole recipe would take about more than an hour to finish and I can't do that coz my mother would surely get mad because of the electricity :) Anyway, the next time I would do choco chip cookies again, I would lessen the sugar and will use a salted butter so I won't add salt anymore, it's just too sweet and salty for my taste.



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