Mamon (Filipino Sponge Cake)

This is the first time that I did mamon and I was pretty happy with the outcome! My family said that it was the best baked goodie that I did and I said..really? What about the cakes, the cupcakes, etc?? They said that those were also good but this is the best of all. Well, ok, I myself liked it a lot too and I promised myself that I would do it again with some changes like adding lemon and orange extract next time and sprinkling cheese on top.

I got the recipe from Sweet Cherrie Pie. The result was a fluffy, just enough sweetness and very "malaman" sponge cake! Yummy! Everybody loved it! It was so good, you must try it for yourself!(By the way, I just tweaked a little from her recipe, instead of self-raising flour, I used cake flour, coz I don't have SRF then I also added 1tsp lemon juice on her recipe then added it together with the vanilla and vegetable oil).


Bechay said...

sarap naman nyan sis, nakakatakam!

anne said...

Looks yummy ! Pwedeng pang negosyo ! ;D

Moi said...

oh, i'd love to make that!! must try one of these days :) followed your blog, btw :) hope you can follow mine as well :)


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