Baked Potato Wedges

For a change, I decided to bake something that doesn't have flour or sugar in it so yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy some potatoes and olive oil because I will bake potato wedges!

I tried to find a good and easy recipe for this and I found a lot! But I want something that's not too complicated and just have a few ingredients and I stumbled upon Ina Garten's baked potato wedges. Of all the recipes I found this one's I think is the easiest. The first batch of my potatoes turned out to be too salty! So on the next batch, I lessen the salt and it turned out fine. I don't have fresh rosemary leaves so I just bought mckormick's from the supermarket. Before I made the baked potatoes I planned to make my own dip for this but the recipe that I found on the net included fresh chives on the ingredients and I couldn't find one on the supermarket so I just decided to buy a ready made dip.

So below is the result of my first baked potato wedges! Next time I'm gonna try parmesan cheese as one of the ingredients coz it absolutely looks yummy!


anne said...

Looks very tasty ! Here , let me try some of that ! lol


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