Cuisipro Food Decorating Pen

I saw one of this in Tangs Plaza Singapore when we went there about 2 weeks ago and I was dying to have one! I was definitely out on budget at that time but I promised myself to buy one if I’ll have an extra money, but the problem is I haven’t seen one on any of the stores here so I thought I would ask favor from one of my friends who works in Singapore when he’s in vacation here. Good thing that my sister would take her vacation here on July but they will have a stop over in Singapore in June so I decided to ask my sister instead if she could buy me one when she arrived there. I would definitely use this for writing a Happy Birthday message for my daughter’s birthday cake.

My daughter’s birthday would be this July, so I am already thinking what cake should I bake for her. I want to bake vanilla butter cake or mocha chiffon cake coz I haven’t tried that yet, I am already trying to find an easy but delicious recipe for that. Anyways, I am also not yet a pro when it comes to cake decorating so I am also watching videos on youtube for tips and tricks to decorate a cake. I hope I could bake a sample cake before her birthday comes because I don’t wanna ruin her birthday cake by baking it the first time. With regards to the cupcakes, I definitely go for vanilla cupcakes but I am still deciding if I would have a buttercream icing or fondant as topper. But I haven’t tried fondant yet so I really need a lot of practice since it’s only 2 months to go till her 4th birthday! Whew… what a pressure!


Bechay said...

Wow, I would like to have one too! I am wondering if I could get that stuff here in the middle of nowhere, hehehe! I live in the middle of nowhere kasi.

Goodluck sa practice sis!

Mamun said...

Very nice post. I not only discovered your blog, I feel like I 'got to know you'. Good luck in the challenge.
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