Chocolate Chip Cookies Part III

This is the 3rd time that I did chocolate chip cookies using a different recipe. The first one was from panlasangpinoy which came out flat and too sweet, the 2nd was from Baking Bites and also came out too sweet and salty but I love the texture because it was not that soft.

This one's by far the best chocolate chip cookie that I did. It has the right amount of sweetness(though I reduced the brown sugar) and also not that salty. I just wished I did the full recipe because I just used half of the recipe and I only yielded 20 cookies :(

My only complain was that the batter was little runny when I mixed all the ingredients, so when I scooped it and put it in my Silpat non-stick baking liner(this is the first time I used this) and baked it, it came out flat like the first time I did choco chip cookies. So what I did on the next batch, I put the batter on the ref to let it chill. The result was much thicker than the first batch. My family even said this is the best chocolate chip cookies I baked.

Let's see what can they say when I do my next project and that is David Lebovitz's Chocolate Chip Cookies which requires refrigerating the cookie dough for 24hrs! Yap that's correct, 24hrs. Now that's a little bit challenging but I'm ready for it. I love experimenting on making chocolate chip cookies so let's see the difference and what sets it apart from the other choco chip cookies I made.

Here's the Recipe that I Used: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe EVER!



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