Pillsbury Funfetti Cookies & Cupcakes

Time to bake again! Since yesterday was Ness's birthday I promised her that I'm gonna bake her cupcakes today. I didn't do anything from scratch since I wanna test the cake mix that my aunt sent for us. This cake mix is from Pillsbury, a Funfetti cake mix that is great for birthdays!

I decided to halve the cake mix to get cupcakes and cookies because there's also a cookie recipe on the box. In the end I was able to yield 13 cupcakes and 14 cookies all in all.

I also did some frosting for both cookies and cupcakes(though it's perfectly alright if you do not want any frosting because it was already colorful from the outside as well as the inside and also sweet enough) so what I did was I researched funfetti frosting on the internet and I was able to find one. And for the first time I did not piped the frosting and instead I just spread it on the cookies and cupcakes. We loved it, taste was good especially for the kids. I want to do another one again but next time I'm gonna bake it from scratch coz I fould some very easy recipes for funfetti cupcakes or cake.



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