Banana Nutella Muffins

I just baked Banana Nutella Muffins this morning for my family. I was thinking of something to bake that I haven’t tried yet and I was torn between making Oreo Cheesecakes and this one. I decided not to do the cheesecakes because I don’t have any cream cheese available while with the Banana Nutella muffins, I have all the ingredients on hand(well except for the buttermilk which I substituted). My nutella was also not enough, I only had less than ½ cup of it, but the taste still ended up so good.

 I love the taste of the muffins! It was not too sweet and the taste of the banana was not overpowering as well. The total yield that I made was 14 muffins. I hope to do this recipe again next time.

By the way, I got this recipe from Beantown Baker! Please check out the recipe here: Banana Nutella Muffins
                                                                        the ingredients



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