Happy Birthday Ate Cherry!

Today is my eldest sister's birthday and we celebrated her birthday by me baking her vanilla cupcakes and her nephew, nieces and her own daughter singing her a happy birthday! The day before, we went at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort and had our family weekend getaway, and though there was a heavy rain non-stop we all enjoyed our stay there. And because its' still raining heavily outside, my sister just decided that we only spend her birthday here at our house and have some cupcakes for her and the kids.

The recipe that I used was still from browneyedbaker.com. I really like the taste of the cupcakes so I will still use it until I find a better flavor. By the way, the frostings were all ready made from Pillsbury... :)

Here are some of the pics taken earlier, hope you like it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN ATE CHERRY!



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