Betty Crocker's Blueberry Muffins

I was not able to go to work today due to massive flooding in our area! Well I did tried to go to work but the jeepney driver re-routed and did not know that we headed on a flooded area so we went round and round looking for a road that’s not flooded. Guess what? I was not able to catch our shuttle bus anymore coz I was so late! So I don’t have any choice but to return home. But I was stranded for about an hour before calling from home so that my brother could pick me up.

Upon returning home, I was already thinking of what to bake for my family. But I found out that I run out of butter anymore so good thing we still have pre- mix cakes on our pantry so I was still able to bake something. I did baked Betty Crocker’s Bluebery Muffins which included a can of real blueberries inside the box. It was so delicious! So moist with enough sweetness and so easy to make! I yielded 15 muffins in all and it was gone quickly!



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