Chocolate Chewy Meringue Cookies

I thought this recipe was so easy to make, I had high confidence that I would successfully bake this because the instructions were very easy to follow so I really had high hopes that it would turn out exactly the way it was on the site that I copied it from. Big mistake! The cookies turned out really thin and flat and was VERY hard to remove from the parchment paper. I was really frustrated that on the next batch, I just used my silpat baking mat coz I don’t wanna have a hard time again removing the cookies from the parchment paper.

My batter turned out runny so from then on I knew there’s a mistake that I did somewhere. I think that’s because I mixed the batter instead of beating it, overmixing it in the end. It also spread a lot on the baking sheet so I knew it would be flat once baked. But hey, it was still delicious! It was crunchy(instead of chewy), not too sweet and most of all Hannah ate a total of 5 cookies all in all! She never ate that much from all the baked goodies I made! So, eventhough I did not get the result that I wanted, the most important thing is my daughter loved it and eventhough I have mistakes when baking, at least I learned something from it and hopefully the next time I try baking this again, it would be so much better…
Here's the recipe:Chocolate Chewy Meringue Cookies


Haley McAdams said...

This is so lovely I really love to try this recipe out.

Haley McAdams
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