How To Make Biko(Filipino Rice Cake)

This biko recipe has been using by my family for years already. Since today is the despedida for my kuya(he'll leave tomorrow for abroad), we decided to make some food for him, like mechado, spaghetti, maja blanca(i'll have a separate post for this) and the ever favorite biko. I hope you'll try this recipe, though it was so tedious to make. But definitely worth it once you taste it :)

1 kilo glutinous rice(malagkit)
338 grams light brown sugar
1 1/2 cups coconut cream - for toasted coconut crumbs(latik)
2 1/2 cups coconut milk (2nd extract)
Pandan leaves

  1. To make coconut cream, squeeze grated coconut , add enough water to the grated coconut to make squeezing easier. Make 1 1/2 cups and strain coconut cream to remove unnecessary particles(you can reduce this if you don't like too much toasted coconut crumbs as toppings to your biko). This will be used as latik for biko toppings(1st extract only). 
  2. To make coconut milk- squeeze again the grated coconut (2nd extract), add again enough water to the grated coconut. Make 2 1/2 cups and strain again to remove some grated coconut.
  3. Make the latik by putting the coconut cream(1st extract) on a wok and cook on high heat. Continue stirring until toasted crumbs are obtained. Strain the toasted crumbs and set aside coconut oil(to be used later).
  4. Mix glutinous rice and coconut milk (2nd extract) on a pot and cook as steamed rice. Put pandan leaves on the middle.
  5. Remove pandan leaves once malagkit was cooked.Transfer it on a frying pan, add light brown sugar and the coconut oil and continue stirring until well combined.
  6. Place biko on a serving plate and flatten the surface. Add latik on top of the biko, serve and enjoy!



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