Maja Blanca

Another first for me, a maja blanca for dessert! This is yet again a no bake dessert that I want to try for the longest time. I can't believe it was so easy to make and I'm glad I was able to make this because my family absolutely loved this! I think I had more sugar added because it was a little too sweet, but hey it wasn't a dessert if it's not sweet right?

I only had 3 cups of coconut milk so I just adjusted the remaining ingredients like I just used 12 oz. of both the kernel corn and the condensed milk, 1/2 + 1/8 cup of fresh milk and sugar(I think I added more sugar because like I said it's too sweet). The only ingredient I retained was the cornstarch which is 3/4 cup. Since we also had biko, I got some latik(toasted coconut crumbs) from the biko and pour it on top of the maja blanca. You can check here if you want to make your own latik.

I placed my maja on 2 plastic containers, one with the latik on top and the other one with chopped peanuts and latik. Both are absolutely delicious! Make the recipe and follow it here: Maja Blanca



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