Oatmeal Cookies

I baked once again for today and my mother requested for oatmeal cookies since she still has plenty of oats in our pantry. I told her I don’t have any butter but she said that she just bought an Anchor butter. Now, I don’t have any reason not to bake anymore. :)

I want to try a new recipe for this cookies, though I was also happy with the last oatmeal cookies that I made. This time, instead of chocolate chips, I now used raisins and I also toasted the almonds unlike before. I must admit that raisins were so much better on oatmeal cookies than choco chips! Eventhough the cookies were still being baked on the oven, the smell was so heavenly! What more when I first tasted it! It was so delicious and my cousin even said that it tasted better than Starbucks oatmeal cookies! My mother also loved it, actuall we all love this cookies. I must say that I will use this recipe again if I plan to bake oatmeal cookies in the future. It is that good, and so easy to make, you should try it!

I only halved this recipe and I yielded 20 medium sized oatmeal cookies. Yes, I only halved it, I really wished I did the full recipe. :(

Check this Oatmeal Recipe here: Joy Of Baking's Oatmeal Cookies



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