Red Velvet Cupcakes

I made just 6 red velvet cupcakes last night which was ordered by my cousin’s classmate but I decided not to sell it anymore coz I was not happy with the frosting that I made. I didn’t have any cream cheese so I used the buttercream frosting recipe that I used with my red velvet cake that I baked on my last birthday.

You see this is a cooked frosting where you combine the flour and the milk until mixture resembled glue. But I forgot to use a whisk to stir the flour and the milk(I just used a wooden spoon) so I ended up having lumps on the mixture. But I still used it and added it with my butter and sugar and beat it hoping I could still get rid of the lumps, but it did not. So I spent so much time removing the lumps from my frosting but I got tired in the end that I just told my cousin that I’ll  just give a piece of cupcake to her classmate as a free taste. Anyway, the frosting still tasted good, I’m just not happy that I cannot pipe it on the cupcakes.

I also get a piece for myself and the cupcakes were really delicious! This is a different recipe from the red velvet cake that I baked on my birthday. I got this recipe from Joy Of Baking and just halved it to produce 6 cupcakes…

Frosting Fever Workshop

I attended Frosting Fever Workshop at The Castle of Baking and Confectionary Arts, Chocolate Lover Cubao. I always wanted to attended such class coz I’m always having a hard time when it comes to frostings because I can’t seem to find the perfect frostings for my cupcakes. It’s always too sweet or too runny. I told myself that if I wanted to seriously consider baking as a profitable business in the future, I need to learn making frostings because you cannot sell cupcakes without frostings, right? Well, of course you can, but who doesn’t want a cupcake without that mouth watering, delicious looking frostings on top of their cupcakes? And besides, it’s always a must to put frostings if you plan to sell them for birthdays or other events.

Chef Christine Paredes were the instructor for the workshop and she demonstrated 11 different frostings like Sugar Glaze, Chocolate Sugar Glaze, Chocolate Glaze(Thin Glaze),Ganache, Swiss Meringue, Royal Icing, Boiled Icing, French Buttercream, Italian Buttercream, Simple Vanilla Buttercream and Fondant. Personally, I like Royal Icing and French Buttercream the best. The fondant is also interesting and I want to try it too but not now coz it really takes a lot of practice to achieve a smooth and perfect fondant. And also, I hope to buy a KitchenAid soon because it’s really a must for doing frostings. You’ll really need a heavy duty mixer coz it would take a lot of whipping to achieve the frosting consistency that you want. A hand or stand mixer will do the job longer and to think that she whipped the frostings I think from 10-15minutes on a KitchenAid! I think my hand mixer will not stand that constant whipping, I noticed that my hand mixer gets hot after 5 minutes of continuous beating. Hay, when will I be able to buy a KitchenAid?

Anyway, I’m also excited to try Royal Icing or Simple Vanilla Buttercream. I think I’m gonna do cupcakes this weekend to try out the frostings that I learned…

Here are some of our pics on the class. Sorry I’m really not that creative, I think my frosting decorations were crappy unlike the others, haha:
 Chef Christine Paredes

Recipe Notebook

I decided to compile and organize all my recipes on one notebook since all my printed recipes were just scattered on my brown envelope and I am having hard time looking for the recipe that I'm going to use that I still have to look for it one by one and mind you, it's just too many!

So last Saturday, armed with a glue and scissor, I organized each recipes with its respective categories like cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc... I am still not finished but at least I already started it. It's much neater and at least I don't have to scramble for the right recipe one by one anf stress myself too much :)

This Is It

Still got many orders for my chocolate chip cookies and luckily I found a plastic container that could fit 12 cookies in all! Next that I’m going to sell is my butter cookies that would come in 10 and 20 cookies in a pack. This is so tiring but so rewarding… wish me luck!

My First Orders

Got my first orders for chocolate chip cookies. I don't know where to put 12 or more cookies so I opted to place it for the meantime at this acetate plastic container I bought from Chocolate Lover. It's small that's why 5 to 6 cookies can only fit on this. This is just temporary. I'll try to find a much bigger plastic container for my cookies. Hopefully I'll be able to go to Best Way in Divisoria this weekend coz I've got more orders for next week.

Red Velvet Cake for my Birthday

It's my 40th birthday today and I didn't planned a fancy birthday party today. Instead, I celebrated it with a few of my family and a friend and her kids. My sister greeted me straight from the US, and another new friend also called to greet me a happy birthday.

I asked my mother to cook me her specialty which is Pata Tim. I also had spaghetti and lumpiang shanghai, which are common to serve on birthday celebrations. I also made one of my favorite appetizers which are cheese sticks and I tried to make cathedral windows gelatin but it turned out as gelatin salad because the cream did not set at all! I don't know what my mistake was, maybe I did not made enough unflavored gelatin mixed with water. But the good news was, the kids(and even the adults) still liked it! It was really delicious, it's just that it didn't turned out the way it was supposed to be.

I also made myself a red velvet cake for the first time. And when I mean first time, it's the first time that I am going to make one and eat one. You see, I haven't eaten a red velvet cake or cupcakes before so I don't know what to expect on this one. When I first tasted it, I tasted a hint of a mild chocolate flavor, not too sweet but definitely something that you would want to eat again. Frankly I'm not too crazy about this cake(I would still prefer a chocolate cake anytime) but I'm glad I made it, except the process of making it because it was too messy. Why? That's because of the red food coloring that could stain all your kitchen and your hands! I also didn't liked the consistency of the frosting that goes with the recipe because it was not stiff at all. I really had a hard time spreading it on the cake that I have to chill it first on the ref so I could spread it more easier. But the taste was really good. I think I'll prefer  a cooked frosting than the one with powdered sugar on it because it's not too sweet at all. I just don't know how I'll be able to make it stiffer next time.

Recipe of Red Velvet Cake 

The Best Brownies

Yes, this is by far the best brownies I made! I actually just made twice from scratch because I was quite disappointed with the first one. I found the recipe from so it has a lot of positive reviews from the people who tried the recipe. What's also nice about it is that it is very easy to make, I just prepared the ingredients and after 20 minutes it was ready to be baked.

Wow! It was so delicious! So fudgy and with just enough sweetness which is really important to me. I have only one complain, I think the sides of the brownies was overbaked. I don't know why it happened but I followed the instruction to bake it for 25-30 minutes. After 25minutes, I checked it and the sides looked somewhat toasted already. But it's ok, the important thing is it's so delicious! Try it for yourself!
I got this brownie recipe here: Mmmm Brownies

Banana Bread Part 3

We had 3 leftover overripe bananas that my mother planned to discard but I saw it as an opportunity to bake :) I used a different recipe this time, one that doesn't have a butter as one of the ingredients... yes I still don't have butter(I'm too lazy to go to the supermarket, that's

I really loved the last banana bread recipe that I made(the one with a mayo on one of the ingredients), but I am still open to try a different recipe. This is a definitely a no sweat, quick and easy recipe! I just reduced the amount of sugar to 3/4 cup, and the result was perfect! I loved that it's so soft and 3 medium sized bananas are just enough for this recipe.

Banana Bread


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