The Best Brownies

Yes, this is by far the best brownies I made! I actually just made twice from scratch because I was quite disappointed with the first one. I found the recipe from so it has a lot of positive reviews from the people who tried the recipe. What's also nice about it is that it is very easy to make, I just prepared the ingredients and after 20 minutes it was ready to be baked.

Wow! It was so delicious! So fudgy and with just enough sweetness which is really important to me. I have only one complain, I think the sides of the brownies was overbaked. I don't know why it happened but I followed the instruction to bake it for 25-30 minutes. After 25minutes, I checked it and the sides looked somewhat toasted already. But it's ok, the important thing is it's so delicious! Try it for yourself!
I got this brownie recipe here: Mmmm Brownies


Bechay said...

I will try this recipe sis! Now na agad, hehehe! will post the outcome...


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