Frosting Fever Workshop

I attended Frosting Fever Workshop at The Castle of Baking and Confectionary Arts, Chocolate Lover Cubao. I always wanted to attended such class coz I’m always having a hard time when it comes to frostings because I can’t seem to find the perfect frostings for my cupcakes. It’s always too sweet or too runny. I told myself that if I wanted to seriously consider baking as a profitable business in the future, I need to learn making frostings because you cannot sell cupcakes without frostings, right? Well, of course you can, but who doesn’t want a cupcake without that mouth watering, delicious looking frostings on top of their cupcakes? And besides, it’s always a must to put frostings if you plan to sell them for birthdays or other events.

Chef Christine Paredes were the instructor for the workshop and she demonstrated 11 different frostings like Sugar Glaze, Chocolate Sugar Glaze, Chocolate Glaze(Thin Glaze),Ganache, Swiss Meringue, Royal Icing, Boiled Icing, French Buttercream, Italian Buttercream, Simple Vanilla Buttercream and Fondant. Personally, I like Royal Icing and French Buttercream the best. The fondant is also interesting and I want to try it too but not now coz it really takes a lot of practice to achieve a smooth and perfect fondant. And also, I hope to buy a KitchenAid soon because it’s really a must for doing frostings. You’ll really need a heavy duty mixer coz it would take a lot of whipping to achieve the frosting consistency that you want. A hand or stand mixer will do the job longer and to think that she whipped the frostings I think from 10-15minutes on a KitchenAid! I think my hand mixer will not stand that constant whipping, I noticed that my hand mixer gets hot after 5 minutes of continuous beating. Hay, when will I be able to buy a KitchenAid?

Anyway, I’m also excited to try Royal Icing or Simple Vanilla Buttercream. I think I’m gonna do cupcakes this weekend to try out the frostings that I learned…

Here are some of our pics on the class. Sorry I’m really not that creative, I think my frosting decorations were crappy unlike the others, haha:
 Chef Christine Paredes



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