Red Velvet Cake for my Birthday

It's my 40th birthday today and I didn't planned a fancy birthday party today. Instead, I celebrated it with a few of my family and a friend and her kids. My sister greeted me straight from the US, and another new friend also called to greet me a happy birthday.

I asked my mother to cook me her specialty which is Pata Tim. I also had spaghetti and lumpiang shanghai, which are common to serve on birthday celebrations. I also made one of my favorite appetizers which are cheese sticks and I tried to make cathedral windows gelatin but it turned out as gelatin salad because the cream did not set at all! I don't know what my mistake was, maybe I did not made enough unflavored gelatin mixed with water. But the good news was, the kids(and even the adults) still liked it! It was really delicious, it's just that it didn't turned out the way it was supposed to be.

I also made myself a red velvet cake for the first time. And when I mean first time, it's the first time that I am going to make one and eat one. You see, I haven't eaten a red velvet cake or cupcakes before so I don't know what to expect on this one. When I first tasted it, I tasted a hint of a mild chocolate flavor, not too sweet but definitely something that you would want to eat again. Frankly I'm not too crazy about this cake(I would still prefer a chocolate cake anytime) but I'm glad I made it, except the process of making it because it was too messy. Why? That's because of the red food coloring that could stain all your kitchen and your hands! I also didn't liked the consistency of the frosting that goes with the recipe because it was not stiff at all. I really had a hard time spreading it on the cake that I have to chill it first on the ref so I could spread it more easier. But the taste was really good. I think I'll prefer  a cooked frosting than the one with powdered sugar on it because it's not too sweet at all. I just don't know how I'll be able to make it stiffer next time.

Recipe of Red Velvet Cake 


Lisa said...

Belated happy birthday and many more to come. Those foods look yummy!

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