Red Velvet Cupcakes

I made just 6 red velvet cupcakes last night which was ordered by my cousin’s classmate but I decided not to sell it anymore coz I was not happy with the frosting that I made. I didn’t have any cream cheese so I used the buttercream frosting recipe that I used with my red velvet cake that I baked on my last birthday.

You see this is a cooked frosting where you combine the flour and the milk until mixture resembled glue. But I forgot to use a whisk to stir the flour and the milk(I just used a wooden spoon) so I ended up having lumps on the mixture. But I still used it and added it with my butter and sugar and beat it hoping I could still get rid of the lumps, but it did not. So I spent so much time removing the lumps from my frosting but I got tired in the end that I just told my cousin that I’ll  just give a piece of cupcake to her classmate as a free taste. Anyway, the frosting still tasted good, I’m just not happy that I cannot pipe it on the cupcakes.

I also get a piece for myself and the cupcakes were really delicious! This is a different recipe from the red velvet cake that I baked on my birthday. I got this recipe from Joy Of Baking and just halved it to produce 6 cupcakes…



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