My First Try On Making Royal Icing

I was so nervous to do this but I really wanted to try so that I could practice and see what I should do regarding the consistency of the icing.

Well, making the right consistency is really hard. In short, I never really achieved the right consistency for the outline and the flooding of the icing. I was not that patient I guess :) I learned that when making this type of icing, you got to have a lot of patience because it would tire you in awhile. And it's so messy! I want to try many colors but the changing of the tips, piping bags, and coloring the icing made me so tired.

But I would definitely try making this again but maybe not that soon. anyway, below is my finished product. I know, it's that bad but still it looks cute to me :) By the way, the cutout cookies' recipe was from the sugar cookies that I halved.



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