Chocolate Lover Cubao

Me and my daughter went at Chocolate Lover Cubao last Saturday to buy some stuff I needed for baking. Everytime I went there I am always overwhelmed by the enormous baking stuff and ingredients that they have. I wanted to have and own most of the items there...ha ha ha!!!

Below are some of the pics I've taken inside. One of the staff reprimanded me that it is not allowed to take pics inside though 2 or 3 staffs before her had seen me taking pics and they did not told me to stop taking pics... hmm...
       chocolate chips
                                                           white  and dark chocolate chips
                                                                  chocolate blocks/bars
                                                               walnuts and cashew nuts
                                                              cake holders/cupcake boxes
                                                                           baking cups
                                                                        candy sprinkles
                                                                       colorful candies
                                                                            baking pans
                                                              my daughter in front of CL...



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