Goldilocks Classic Puto

Tried this puto recipe which is the same recipe that apparently Goldilocks uses. This recipe came straight from Goldilocks Bakebook that they recently published. If you click THIS link, you'll be able to find other Goldilocks recipes that we all love! Might as well try the other recipes there...

This puto is very delicious, though I think the heat of the steamer must be on medium fire not high fire. The first batch that I did became kutsinta. I nearly gave up but I decided to lower the stove and the next batch became good. Also, if you plan to use food color for this, use McCormick and not the gel-based type of food colors. I used gel-based food color on the first batch and it did not came out well. I am so disappointed on the first batch that I did not took a picture of it. I have only red food color from McCormick that I was able to used. The 2 puto's are just plain(no food color at all). Below is the second batch of puto and I'm quite happy with it.



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