J.CO Donuts & Coffee

I’ve been seeing throngs of people always lining up at J.CO Donuts & Coffee at ATC(Alabang TownCenter) whenever we went there and I must admit that I was intrigued as to what the fuzz was all about, but not that intrigued to wait and line up for what 1 or 2 hrs? But one Sunday two weeks ago, we went at ATC just as the mall opens up and there you have it, J.CO Donuts with about just 4 or 5 people lining up. I took the opportunity to line up and decided to give it a try and see(and taste) for myself why people are hooked at J.CO Donuts.

I only ordered 2 pieces of donuts just in case I didn’t like it so as not to waste my money over this donuts. For a price of 42PHP each, this sure was the most expensive donuts I bought! This must taste real good to be that expensive. I ordered Heaven Berry and Crème La Fame and my oh my, both tasted real good and so delicious! I’m like wow I have to buy a dozen! So I end up buying a dozen and shared it with my family.

My favorite is Crème La Fame, Tiramisu and Avocado Dicaprio, Alcapone not so much and I also didn't like the choco donut with cherries on top, but I love the fillings, not overly sweet just enough for my taste buds. I haven’t tasted yet all the flavors, will try the others next time…



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