Jamie Oliver's Easy Chocolate Cake

For New Year's eve media noche, I thought of something round that I'd like to bake to share with my family. I'd like to do chocolate cake that doesn't require frosting but I only had this recipe that I saw from foodiebaker.com that was Jamie Oliver's Easy Chocolate Cake recipe and it has to bake on an 8x4-inch loaf tin, which I don't have. But I really liked to try this recipe so what I did was go ahead and bake it but instead of the loaf tin I put it on a 10-inch round pan and prayed that it would still turn out well.

Well, well... not only that it turned out well(not burnt or under-baked at all) but it really tasted so delicious! I tweaked a little from this recipe like I used all the butter instead of 200grams, I didn't used caster or brown sugar, I just used granulated sugar and baked it for 50 minutes at 165'C on my mini-oven. It still turned out really well! By the way, I also added chopped bittersweet chocolate after putting sifted powdered sugar on top of the cake :)
ready to eat!



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