Oreo Mini-Cheesecakes

I've been wanting to make this for the longest time but since it's very seldom that I use cream cheese(besides that it's so expensive) I thought I could just make this if I have a left over cream cheese. So after making the cream cheese pound cake that only requires half of the 80z cream cheese, I still have the half so I remembered this recipe and I thought it's the perfect time!

There's no available Oreo cookies on one of the sari-sari stores inside our subd. so instead I just bought Cream-O sandwich cookies in replacement of the Oreos. Also, I replaced the chopped pecans with chopped cashew nuts and I also don't have the caramel sauce. But don't you worry, this will still taste equally delicious! By the way, when it came out from the oven, it was somewhat soft so you have to chill it for an hour or preferably overnight and it will set. I only yielded 5 mini-cheesecakes, I know it's so bitin! So just for now, there will be no sharing... :)
Recipe Here: Oreo Mini-Cheesecakes


sanna said...

Im including this in my baking list,for sure! Hi! I am your newest follower:)


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