Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

Yesterday, I baked vanilla cupcakes for my nephew' birthday celebration at school for today. I was really excited to bake vanilla cupcakes again. I still remembered the first time I made it almost a year ago :) Now I can proudly say I perfected my vanilla cupcakes at last!

This one's so fluffy and so delicious as usual. I wouldn's say I will never try another recipe but this is my go to recipe when making vanilla cupcakes and I don't wanna change that(for the meantime). Hope everybody at my nephew's school will like it!
Vanilla cupcakes for Adriel's bday celebration at school tomorrow :)
Vanilla cupcakes with frosting... Ready for tomorrow!


SummerSweetTooth said...

hi! can u share your recipe for the buttercream frosting? tHanks!


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