Bakery Fair 2013

I attended the Bakery Fair(7th International Exhibition on Bakery, Confectionery and Foodservice Equipment & Supplies) last Feb.23, 2013 at World Trade Center and I must admit that I was really glad that I did not pass the chance of going there and witnessing the different demos and seminars conducted on the different parts of the venue. There were also a very wide selections of mixers and baking equipments and tools for small and large bakers to choose from.

I did not bought a lot because of budget constraint :( In fact I just bought a cake pops stand from RM Boxes and a re-usable piping bag and that was it! All I wanted was to somehow learn and see for myself how the experts on this field work on their craft. I particularly liked the demo I attended regarding baking healthy breads. I thought I wouldn't like the taste of it, suprisingly it tasted so good especially the multigrain bread that he baked(sorry I forgot the name of the baker) but he's from AB Mauri or something.

Here are some of the pics I took. For the complete pics, please click here: Bakery Fair 2013

Swiss Roll

I thought of making my very first roll that is Swiss Roll. I got the recipe from the culinary school that I enrolled. Since I am currently at a computer cafe, I cannot share with you the recipe temporarily(I forgot the copy of the recipe). Will update this post soon to add the recipe for this.

This is so easy to make. I just got a little frustrated rolling the cake out of the parchment paper coz it got a little too sticky. Since I didn't have a 7x11 jelly roll pan that was needed for the recipe, I used 8x12 instead so in the end my roll was somewhat flat and thin. Anyway, taste wise it was so soft and the filling was creamy and sweet enough. It was gone in less than an hour coz my family loved it so much. I hope to do this again on a bigger pan on a bigger oven. Yes, I am planning to buy a bigger oven. I'm canvassing right now... wish me luck!

Sweet Corn Muffins

Yey! At last I was able to bake corn muffins that I've been wanting to bake! I was just so disappointed that I didn't found honey syrup from SM Supermarket :( You see if you search for corn muffin recipe on the internet, this is one of the main ingredients. But since I cannot wait another day or week to make this, I still went ahead baking without this.

I got the recipe at Daily Eats(Casa Veneracion) titled Corn Muffins ala Kenny Rogers. I just tweaked a little from the recipe since I don't have honey. What I did was increase the amount of sugar to 1 cup, use 3/4 cup of fresh milk instead half and used 1 tbs of baking powder instead of 1/2 a  teaspoon. Then I also used whole corn kernels instead of the shredded corn. Well I am not really happy with the appearance of the muffins coz not all the muffins achieved the dome top that I would have wanted. The top also did not cracked and looked like cupcakes instead of muffins. But with regards to the taste, I am really happy coz it did tastes like corn muffins, well not really like the ones from Kenny Rogers but at least it still tasted really good :)

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Hope you'll have a nice celebration with the people you love! I don't have any plans for today except to greet and spend it with my daughter and family.

Anyway, I baked vanilla cupcakes for a dear friend of mine. Today is her birthday and I hope she'll like it though this cupcakes are not that many... :)

Yey, Corn Meal!

At last, I was able to find a Corn Meal at a supermarket! I've been trying to find one because I want to try and bake corn muffins but I've been to SM Supermarket/Hypermarket, Robinson's, Puregold, South Supermarket and I could not find one.

Yesterday, I went at Makati Supermarket at Alabang Town Center and wow I was really surprised that they have Corn Meal there! I was so happy! Now I can make corn muffins and hope that it would taste as good as the ones at Kenny Rogers! Now I gotta find a recipe for that... :)

Chocolate Cake with Nutella Buttercream Frosting

Thought of baking a chocolate cake and also want to try a frosting using Nutella since we have a jar of that sitting on our pantry. The recipe for my chocolate cake was so easy that you can make this straight from the pan that you'll be using. This is called One Pan Chocolate Cake, a no sweat super easy chocolate cake that you can make in less than an hour.

For the Nutella Buttercream Frosting, I found the recipe together with a different chocolate cake recipe. So if you also want to try the chocolate cake recipe there, you can also do that. Anyway, I was able to use only 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar and 2 tbs of milk(in the recipe it's half-and-half). The frosting was a bit too sweet for my taste. But it blended well with my chocolate cake :)

Chocolate cake with nutella buttercream frosting
Chocolate cake with nutella buttercream frosting

Baked Mac & Cheese

One of my favorite comfort foods is definitely baked mac and cheese! I am a sucker for anything cheese(so if you're a follower of this blog you'll notice that I've been making something with cheese for four times straight,lol!). I am dying to make this so I bought a 9x9 Pyrex baking dish from SM and immediately bought the ingredients for this.

I chose mild cheddar cheese(227g) and Kraft American cheese(also 227g) for my cheeses. I just want to experiment though the recipe said use cheddar cheese only. I lacked dried mustard(darn SM supermarket coz they don't have any) so I really don't know what would be the difference if I added one. I also didn't used onion powder coz I'm really not a fan of onion. I was able to use 1/4 of 1 kilo of elbow macaroni(I used Royal).

The mac and cheese was creamy and tasted so good! I really loved it so were my family. My daughter kept on asking for the mac and cheese and said that she really loved it...aaw :) Knowing my daughter, she was really not that fond of eating my baked goodies :) I'll definitely make this again though I think I'll make baked mac(the one with the meat sauce) next time...

Try the recipe here: Mac & Cheese

Cheddar Cheese Puffs

I made cheese puffs yesterday, and yes it's been 3 times straight that I am making something with cheese! I got interested on making this because of its very simple and easy process of baking. There's not too many ingredients and you can make this in less than an hour.

I got the recipe from Panlasang Pinoy and I tweaked a little from the recipe. Instead of water, I used fresh milk, I also used Magnolia Cheddar Cheese and instead of 375'F, I baked it on a pre-heated oven at 425'F(or 210'C on my mini-oven) for 20 minutes. By the way, in the procedure, he did not say that you would have to remove the pan from the heat and let it cool after forming a dough. You have to do this! Because if you immediately add the eggs, chances are the eggs might be cooked. So keep the dough warm but not hot.

The cheese puffs were so light and soft! I was not able to make a whipped cream to go with the cheese puffs. It tasted kinda bland though I already put about a cup of cheddar cheese. But I guess you can also put butter or jelly of your liking to go with this puffs.

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