Sweet Corn Muffins

Yey! At last I was able to bake corn muffins that I've been wanting to bake! I was just so disappointed that I didn't found honey syrup from SM Supermarket :( You see if you search for corn muffin recipe on the internet, this is one of the main ingredients. But since I cannot wait another day or week to make this, I still went ahead baking without this.

I got the recipe at Daily Eats(Casa Veneracion) titled Corn Muffins ala Kenny Rogers. I just tweaked a little from the recipe since I don't have honey. What I did was increase the amount of sugar to 1 cup, use 3/4 cup of fresh milk instead half and used 1 tbs of baking powder instead of 1/2 a  teaspoon. Then I also used whole corn kernels instead of the shredded corn. Well I am not really happy with the appearance of the muffins coz not all the muffins achieved the dome top that I would have wanted. The top also did not cracked and looked like cupcakes instead of muffins. But with regards to the taste, I am really happy coz it did tastes like corn muffins, well not really like the ones from Kenny Rogers but at least it still tasted really good :)



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