Swiss Roll

I thought of making my very first roll that is Swiss Roll. I got the recipe from the culinary school that I enrolled. Since I am currently at a computer cafe, I cannot share with you the recipe temporarily(I forgot the copy of the recipe). Will update this post soon to add the recipe for this.

This is so easy to make. I just got a little frustrated rolling the cake out of the parchment paper coz it got a little too sticky. Since I didn't have a 7x11 jelly roll pan that was needed for the recipe, I used 8x12 instead so in the end my roll was somewhat flat and thin. Anyway, taste wise it was so soft and the filling was creamy and sweet enough. It was gone in less than an hour coz my family loved it so much. I hope to do this again on a bigger pan on a bigger oven. Yes, I am planning to buy a bigger oven. I'm canvassing right now... wish me luck!



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