Mango Swiss Roll

I bought 1 kilo of sweet mangoes in the market yesterday so I thought about making something with mangoes as one of the ingredients. I remembered I had this recipe for Mango Swiss Roll so eventhough I am not so keen on making swiss roll again, I thought this would be the best time to practice making sponge cakes.

I planned on baking 2 swiss rolls coz the last time I baked, I just made about 5 slices on 1 roll. With a family as big as us, 1 roll just wasn't enough. Since I just have a mini oven, I planned to bake 2 batches and the first one that I baked was so thin. I always have a hard time removing the cake from the pan so after a couple of minutes I finally removed it but just like I've said it was so thin. Nevertheless, I put the filling but I had the mistake of mixing the mangoes to the filling so it became runny because of the mango juices. The correct procedure would be, just spread the mangoes after making the filling.

The second roll that I baked was a disaster! I had an inkling that it won't turn out the way I wanted it to be when I put the batter in the pan because it became too runny(maybe I over-fold it or something). I know it's not good but I went ahead and baked it. I didn't post the picture of it coz it went straight to the trash can... :(

So the first roll was really delicious eventhough the filling became runny. It was just sweet and the mangoes added more flavor to the filling. I have yet to find the perfect sponge cake recipe to bake. But I remembered making Inipit before and it was somewhat successful. I just don't know if it's the same as making sponge cakes. Will have to look for the recipe again.
You can check the recipe here: Mango Swiss Roll



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