Birthday & Christening Cupcakes

I had the pleasure of being invited to the joint celebration of my friends' sister's birthday and her son's christening yesterday in Laguna and I'm also thrilled to bake their respective cupcakes for the said event.

I had so many good feedbacks with my vanilla cupcakes so I was very happy that they enjoyed eating the cupcakes eventhough I only baked 2 dozens of it :) I can't explain the feeling of being proud of something that you did when the people start saying good things about you :)

Anyway, I did the frosting on the venue itself, good thing that the place was airconditioned coz I got a little worried that my butter would melt, luckily the aircon was cool enough and the frosting piped really well.Thank goodness!

Cakes are from Red Ribbon Bakeshop...

Chocolate Revel Bars

Been wanting to make this and at last I was able to do it at last! I am not really a fan of anything oatmeal(except if it's a cereal) but I just have to do this to see if this has a potential to sell in the future.

It was delicious but the filling became too gooey. I don't know if it's really like that but I really had a hard time cutting it in squares. Next time I'll spread the dough smaller on top and have more dough so the filling won't be exposed too much. I think I'm gonna try another recipe, I know I can do better than this one.


Recipe Here: Chocolate Revel Bars

100 Posts

Not including this post, I've already made 100 posts in just a year! And I will continue doing so until I perfected my craft and eventually have regular customers on my own. I admit I am still a novice even after a year of baking. I still have to learn a lot and I am planning to do so because I love what I'm doing.

I thank all the people who visited my blog, I hope you'll continue visiting because I want to offer and bake more to share with you!
I got the image here: Vector Pink Cupcake

Carrot Cupcakes for Easter Sunday

It was Easter Sunday yesterday and I baked this carrot cupcakes in time for my aunt's birthday. I used a different recipe this time because I wanted to try various recipes and not stick on just one.

Since I idolize Ina Garten a lot, I decided to try her recipe for Carrot Cupcakes. This is not like her other recipes that looked complicated and has ingredients that I've never heard of :) I had all of the ingredients and this one's looked easy. The only time I did not follow the instruction on the recipe was to bake it in high at 400'F then reduce it to 350 after 10 minutes. I just baked it at 350'F for 32 minutes and it came out fine. By the way I yielded 28 cupcakes so we had plenty of spare to eat in our house..haha!

For the frosting, I did not used her recipe but instead, I used Martha Stewart's cream cheese frosting and doubled it.

Below are the series of photos that I took: Without Frosting - With Cream Cheese Frosting - With Sprinkles - On the Box

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

Made this last Holy Thursday for our family's merienda. I just added semi-sweet chocolate chips on the banana bread and it was so delicious! I used about 6 small bananas and the recipe that I used required mayonnaise in it. I already used this recipe(without the choco chips) before so I can guarantee that this is definitely a tried and tested recipe! Try this too it's very easy to make!
Recipe Here: Banana Bread

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