Birthday & Christening Cupcakes

I had the pleasure of being invited to the joint celebration of my friends' sister's birthday and her son's christening yesterday in Laguna and I'm also thrilled to bake their respective cupcakes for the said event.

I had so many good feedbacks with my vanilla cupcakes so I was very happy that they enjoyed eating the cupcakes eventhough I only baked 2 dozens of it :) I can't explain the feeling of being proud of something that you did when the people start saying good things about you :)

Anyway, I did the frosting on the venue itself, good thing that the place was airconditioned coz I got a little worried that my butter would melt, luckily the aircon was cool enough and the frosting piped really well.Thank goodness!

Cakes are from Red Ribbon Bakeshop...



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