Carrot Cupcakes for Easter Sunday

It was Easter Sunday yesterday and I baked this carrot cupcakes in time for my aunt's birthday. I used a different recipe this time because I wanted to try various recipes and not stick on just one.

Since I idolize Ina Garten a lot, I decided to try her recipe for Carrot Cupcakes. This is not like her other recipes that looked complicated and has ingredients that I've never heard of :) I had all of the ingredients and this one's looked easy. The only time I did not follow the instruction on the recipe was to bake it in high at 400'F then reduce it to 350 after 10 minutes. I just baked it at 350'F for 32 minutes and it came out fine. By the way I yielded 28 cupcakes so we had plenty of spare to eat in our house..haha!

For the frosting, I did not used her recipe but instead, I used Martha Stewart's cream cheese frosting and doubled it.

Below are the series of photos that I took: Without Frosting - With Cream Cheese Frosting - With Sprinkles - On the Box



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