Easy Chicken Lollipops

I was tasked to take care of 3 kids today aged 6,5 & 4(2 are my nephew and niece and the other one is my daughter Hannah) so you can imagine the chaos in our house with all the jumping in the sofa and bed and running all over the house! How stressful, but I just try not to mind them too much or else I'm gonna have a heart attack..haha!

Since I just bought chicken wings in the supermarket I thought of making chicken lollipops for the kids for I'm sure they will love it because of its crispiness and well because it's chicken :)

I tried to find the easiest recipe on the net and as usual panlasangpinoy.com did not fail me. For the flavoring, only salt and pepper was used for the chicken. How easy was that? Besides I have all the rest of the ingredients so it became very handy for me. I just had a hard time separating the chicken wings to make it as chicken lollipops. But as I go with the 4th chicken wing it became easy already. If you have kids you should try this recipe! They would surely love this!
Chicken lollipop after
Chicken lollipop before
For making Chicken Lollipops out of Chicken Wings, please follow complete instruction here: Panlasang Pinoy's Chicken Lollipops



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