White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Made cookies last Sunday after a long long time! I forgot that I bought white chocolate chips when I went at Chocolate Lover last June so I made use of it on the cookies instead of the brown one. I also added some cashew nuts for added crunch and I wished I added more coz I couldn't taste the cashew nuts on the cookies after baking.

I got the recipe here: Really Good Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is my go to recipe for almost 2 years now and it still never fails me! I just replaced the choco chips with the white ones and added cashew nuts so basically it's still the same recipe. This is so delicious! You should try this :)

Ultra Moist Cheese Cupcakes

I was thinking of something to bake that I plan to give to my daughter for her morning snack at school and I thought, how about cheese cupcakes? You see I was always having a hard time what to give her everyday for her baon coz she's really mapili when it comes to food. I hoped that she will like the cheese cupcakes that I will bake coz I always am heartbroken coz she doesn't like all my baked goodies :(

Thank goodness that she liked it! Maybe because I put minions on top of the icing? Hmm, anyway this cupcakes were so good! It was not a heavy cupcake, so light and moist. I had modifications done, like I just put 168ml of condensed milk(small can) as opposed to 175ml and I used 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese and no velveeta coz I don't have that. But still tasted good, try it! Here's the recipe: Ultra Moist Cheese Cupcakes



Edible Toppers

Just wanna share you the cute edible toppers that I bought from Thearts Baking Supplies store last Saturday. Aren't the minions too cute or what? The carrot toppers were obviously for carrot cupcakes that I'm planning to bake for my daughter's Nutrition Month activity this end of July. While the bananas of course were for something that I will bake with bananas as one of the ingredients. Too bad I bought it after I baked the Banana Chocolate Cupcakes, I'm very sure I'd put it on top of the boiled icing on the cupcakes!

Banana Chocolate Cupcakes with Fluffy Boiled Icing

Last Friday, I was really itching to bake and I really cannot wait for Saturday to do it so I went to the supermarket after work and bought some bananas and milk coz I want to bake Banana Chocolate Cupcakes, the recipe which I found from Joy Of Baking site.

Maybe I just missed baking so much, imagine not baking for over a month? So this is the recipe that comes to mind that I really wanted to do and I'm glad that I did coz it's so easy and the outcome was superb! Love it, so moist and so delicious! The bananas were just enough(I mashed about 3 small bananas) for the cupcakes and the icing that I combined with the cupcakes was also delicious. This is the first time that I made boiled icing so I was a bit nervous but all I can say is for a first time, I think I did well coz my family said that it tasted good. I used meringue powder coz I was a bit afraid of using egg whites for fear of contamination(aka salmonella?) but who knows maybe if I muster enough courage I'll be able to make an icing made of egg whites :) Click the recipe for the Wilton Fluffy Boiled Icing that I used.

I was able to use the Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus that my sister gave me and I used it to pipe the icing to the cupcakes. I really am not a fan of it coz the result was not the ones that I expected. Maybe because I don't used it correctly but I really had a hard time piping the icing :( I think the piping bags were easier to use so I think I'll pass using my Wilton Decorator Plus the next time.

My Daughter's 5th Birthday

How are you guys? It's been ages since I've last posted here! Well there's a good reason why and it's all because I've been VERY busy planning my daughter's 5th birthday! Thank God that it's all over and that all went well and everybody(I hope) had a good time :)

I baked some goodies on her birthday like brownies, banana bread and chocolate cupcakes. Unfortunately, I or my photograher was not able to take a pic of the banana bread and the brownies :( I forgot to tell him to take a pic so that I could post it here. Anyway, I here are some of the photos taken on my daughter's birthday last sunday... hope you like it! By the way, the cake was made by Miss Norie of Norie's Kitchen, cupcakes were made by yours truly and candy buffet was DIY by me too :)
For more pics, you can view it here: Hannah's 5th Birthday Pics

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