My Daughter's 5th Birthday

How are you guys? It's been ages since I've last posted here! Well there's a good reason why and it's all because I've been VERY busy planning my daughter's 5th birthday! Thank God that it's all over and that all went well and everybody(I hope) had a good time :)

I baked some goodies on her birthday like brownies, banana bread and chocolate cupcakes. Unfortunately, I or my photograher was not able to take a pic of the banana bread and the brownies :( I forgot to tell him to take a pic so that I could post it here. Anyway, I here are some of the photos taken on my daughter's birthday last sunday... hope you like it! By the way, the cake was made by Miss Norie of Norie's Kitchen, cupcakes were made by yours truly and candy buffet was DIY by me too :)
For more pics, you can view it here: Hannah's 5th Birthday Pics



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