Ultra Moist Cheese Cupcakes

I was thinking of something to bake that I plan to give to my daughter for her morning snack at school and I thought, how about cheese cupcakes? You see I was always having a hard time what to give her everyday for her baon coz she's really mapili when it comes to food. I hoped that she will like the cheese cupcakes that I will bake coz I always am heartbroken coz she doesn't like all my baked goodies :(

Thank goodness that she liked it! Maybe because I put minions on top of the icing? Hmm, anyway this cupcakes were so good! It was not a heavy cupcake, so light and moist. I had modifications done, like I just put 168ml of condensed milk(small can) as opposed to 175ml and I used 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese and no velveeta coz I don't have that. But still tasted good, try it! Here's the recipe: Ultra Moist Cheese Cupcakes





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